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  1. Elaphe


    Hello. I do not have any experience with AC mods. However, there are some ideas and fixes that I would like to enjoy. I'm asking in case they have already been made and you have any info.

    - Fix for the throtle and brake configuration.
    Every time I start the game I have to assign my throtle and brake axis to my Fanatec Clubsport pedals. For some reason, the config is not saved for those specific controls. The rest of the control config is always OK.

    - When I start a practice session, my revs are all to the max, until I press the throtle. Is this normal. Can it be fixed? I'm using sequential shifter without clutch.

    - Slow traffic for Nords Tourist.
    90% of the time I practice this track alone. It would be great to have the possibility to add some cars practicing too. It would be fantastic to be able to define which cars to add, for instance a bunch of random slow cars vs me on a F1 hehe.
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  2. ltcars


    Just start a hotlap session and choose the opponent cars