Do new teams improve each season?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by MARKSIE, Apr 7, 2011.




    I'm just wondering if anyone can enlighten me with the answer to the question in the title.

    I am in my 2nd season, and have just moved to RBR and have noticed that i have to start from scratch upgrades wise.

    If i had stayed with the team i was with last season would the upgrades still be there or would i have had to start from scratch again anyway?

    The main thing i want to know though, as i am planning on starting a 7 season career, is that will the team i start with improve the competitiveness of their car each season to eventually be competetive with the top teams or will each season be the same, the only way to get a more competitive car being to move teams?


  2. Steve Stoop

    Steve Stoop

    Teams do improve over time, as shown in the pic below. So yes, an HRT will eventually become a top tier car. What I'm wondering about is whether a team automatically moves up a tier each year, or wether you need to finish a certain position in the WCC to move up a tier for next year.

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