Do i buy RACE 07 plus GTR 2 or do i buy RACE On?



hi i like the cars ect on gtr2 but then i also like the fact race on is so much newer

im sure u can hav all three games but do they work well when all installed?? gtr2 i found was great esp as u can mod cars ect

i currently hav race on installed iv installed race o7 and gtr2 but found not all buttons show when selecting type of cat for raceing and dont have all the tracks?? .

is there a set install guide for all three at once
Feb 17, 2008
gtr2 works great when Race on is installed as they are two totaly different game but to get all out of Race on You should get GTR Evolution too
Race on full version (be carefull as there is a addon version around wich not conatins STCC)
+ GTR-Evo( here you go for the addon only) gives you the complete Race series (Race,Race07,GTR-Evo,STCC and Race on contend)
if you then want to have GTR2 too will work flawless as GTR2 is totaly standalone from the Race series

hope i could help you