DIY Wind sim questions with SimHub


I'd like to add wind simulation to my cockpit. I think Simhub can help with that. Apart from the software, I guess I need a couple of fans and a controller board. What is the recommended controller?

As regards the fans, what models do you recommend. I have room, so I think I can go for 14 cm fans (I need strong airflow). What rpm are recommended? Any model that is easy to install?


Those marine fans are very interesting.
BTW the current drawn and db noise is much more than simple pc fans.
Sincere question: I really need that much air flow if the goal is just to trick my mind for perception of speed variation?


I am using simhub for this.. I am using an arduino and monster moto (knockoff) with blowers.

They are connected to a 12v 30 amp PSU which is much oversized. No problems at all and works well. Simhub can of course control the speed of the fans based on your in sim speed but I don't use it.

I race in VR and use them for cooling.. In winter I would never have them going at full or I would freeze but when it is summer and I dont have air con you really need to be pushing air fast to feel cool otherwise it just feels like you are being hit with warm air. So the blowers are great for that.

I have it mapped to turn on/off and increase/decrease speed. I just set them to whatever is good at the time. 10 minutes in to the race I will probably turn it up from where I started.


I think I will buy the controller by Sym Projects, using the Simdash software. It looks much easier than the Arduino way, and not very expensive. It will control 2 Thermalright TY 143 fans, (14 cm, 600 to 2500 rpm). Has anyone here tried this?
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