DIY Wheel Button Plate


Feb 8, 2019
Hey everyone. I currently have a t500 set up but I'm interested in making my own wheel with buttons. I tried searching but I may not be using the correct words or searching for the right thing. If there is already a thread, point me in the right direction please.

My plan is to use an aluminum plate on the front and rear with a 3D printed housing to cover all of the wires.

Here's my question. I have a list of the minimum number of button/switches that I'd like to utilize. If I could do more I would. But I'm not sure what type of board is best. What type of boards does everyone use? I think an Arduino nano would work for the number I have here but any more and I won't have enough inputs.

Are there better boards, or easier pin connectors that I could use? Or a simulation program to help me with troubleshooting?

Pic attached for current rough wheel plate
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