DIY SimRacing Arduino Touch Display with RGB LEDs


May 5, 2018
This is an Arduino Based 5.0" Capacitive Touch display with 16 RGB LEDs for Sim Racing. The enclosure is 3D printed in PLA.
The display is a Buy Display based on the RA8875 driver communicating it with the Arduino with 4 Wire SPI protocol for the graphics and with I2C for the touch panel.

It is actualy implemented with Assetto Corsa, througth a Shared Memory API developed in C# that runs locally in the PC and send the data to the Arduino over Serial protocol, I am going to implement it with Project Cars and PC2, looking forward to move to an STM32 or a LPC, and going to add the touch capabilities to change the display layers for lap times and other data logging.
Probably in the future I will add CAN-BUS interface, so you can connect it to your car/bike.

I have uploaded the first part video, and I will post updates as I continue with the development

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