DIY lockdown project: Sequential Shifter on T300RS, PS4, playseat challenge


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May 18, 2020
My final lockdown project after the bass shaker and handbrake was a proper sequential shifter.

I already had the TH8A shifter but i didn't want to keep changing it between H-pattern and sequential, plus there is no tactile 'clunk' in its sequential action.
Of course, the thrustmaster TSS would have been the obvious choice, but with the current virus situation i had the luxury of time but not money.

I used an automatic gear selector unit with a straight gate that i saw on Ebay, which came from a Kia. I figured why try and reinvent the mechanism when someone has already done it for me. I cut down the parts of the frame that i didn't need, and added springs and switches. I was lucky that the unit already came with a perfect detent feature for that satisfying clunk, at the desired throw (once the shaft was shortened a bit).
It's ended up with travel of about half an inch in either direction which feels good especially with a rock solid centre and a nice mechanical resistance.
I'm lucky that the T300RS has the wiring needed for an external shifter so didn't need any mods to the board, just extended those wires out to a panel plug on the side of the wheelbase case.

This project was a lot more complicated for me than the bass shaker and the handbrake but I'm pleased how it's ended up and it's made dirt rally a lot more fun. As a bonus, its come in at around £55 total.

Again here's the video of how i put it together. Any comments gratefully received. Since that photo, i have tweaked it a little but to remove two pieces that stuck out towards the wheel to give more clearance when using a larger rim (i like to use the rim from the T500RS without the paddles if i'm using the sequential)