Div 2 Barcelona Post Race Reports

Well it started and 13 (funny that) seconds later it ended.

TS133: I get a slow start after which Wayne Reed passes on my right a 150 before T1. After watching the replay a few hundred times again I notice that I'm drifting slowly to the right. This wasn't a purposefull move I swear. I was anticipating that Stefan van Schoonhooven was going to turn in and would need to keep a tight line around T1.

Wayne and I touch as he passes me sending me left into the path of his team mate Richard Emery who surgically removes my rear wing and left rear tyre. I loose control and go spinnig off into the gravel. In the process I hit Wayne who also spins off hitting Kimo Kokkonen.

Sorry about the chat. I was a bit upset (not an excuse I know).

Very disappointed. Especially since I am missing the next race it seems (family commitment). Maybe the break is a good thing.

Tom Watts

i hate that track with a passion a really bad quali and alright start but second lap my car just bounced and flew into the wall race over :(
Kimmo, I know you are upset. I took you out but not by my mistake. Read my race report. It's dissapointing I know but stick with it. It will get better.


Actually I see now that it wasn't me it was Wayne Reed. I just saw a yellow car spinning into you and assumed it was me.

Kimmo Kokkonen

Lord GTR3, His master's voice.
Kimmo, I know you are upset. I took you out but not by my mistake. Read my race report. It's dissapointing I know but stick with it. It will get better.


Actually I see now that it wasn't me it was Wayne Reed. I just saw a yellow car spinning into you and assumed it was me.
Yes Werner, it was Wayne Reed who was too greedy today. I just don't wanna waste my free time for something like this so I'll concentrate only for FPWS races in future. That was not an accident that was just mindless acting.
I still hope you re-consider. It's better to have the same drivers than keep getting new guys in.

I find it strange that the car that hit me an took my wing and rear wheel off didn't loose his wing. This sim really behaves strangely sometimes.
Just saw the replay : sorry Kimmo, I might have braked too early in T1 after you exited the pits, but I heard and saw the first cars that were lapping us, and didn't want to interfere with the battle. Please stay with us, we need good drivers in that league!

Coen Mulder

Hi all!

Q: Struggle to get to a 1.17.***, but didnt get it. 2nd place isnt bad at barcelona!

R: So went off and got first place becasue Jakob spinnend his start! :) Further on Maxim made my race worth fighting and later on Jakob stepped in his place.
They had there one battle, so my advantage got larger and larger! My pitstop went ok, and the :rain:didn't fall! :(

No race incidents to report. Had no wides worth mention and see u all in Great Britain!

Thanx to all who made this type off racing possible!!!:good:



My quali was very good , im my second or third run i got a 1.18.0
with 20 min to go i was almost certain that no one was going to beat that.
So my Second Pole in my Second Race. !

Race :
Again i made Bad start ! dropped down to 4th !
But after second corner i was back up third
Saw Coen and Maxim Fighting, so started to get into my own groove the first couple off Laps.
Laps 8 or 9 Maxim got wide and i could pass him easily.
Now the fight was on with Coen.
Very long battle with gap from 1.5 to 3.5 sec. very exciting
Lap 24/25 coen pitted giving me 1st place.
Then i had a bad lap and a bad Pitstop
drove out of pits and Coen and Maxim passed me.
3rd again.

then i got back uin the groove.
i saw i was catching maxim and Coen by a sec per lap!
so in lap 41 , someone made a mistake abd Maxim had to back of trottle.
I came full throttle to the Tail of Maxim .
Ts= (Timestamp)
Ts 2900: I outbrake and pass Maxim inside of corner.
Ts 2901: Maxim hits me on right rear tire, causing my car to flip over.
Maxim does not wait, and does not give me back my Position!
Ts 3010: Back on the Tail of Maxim !
Ts 3080: i Spin , my mistake!
Ts 3500: Back on the Tail of Mazim again !
Ts 3520: Going in to lap 44 coming on straight
Maxim enters straight on Left side, moving to the right , trying to avoid me getting in his slipstream
then goes back to left, then right again , at braking point he moves back to the left, and give me braketest!
Ts 3584: contact i hit Maxim , but lift so he can drive on.
Ts 3612: coming back onto the straight maxim is left, and again moves right along the straight.
at corner he moves back left to avoid me doing a late braking manouvre.
Ts 3644: im trying to pass Maxim on inside corner. trhrough the corner Maxim is cutting me to the left.
Ts 3727: same Corner , but now im on the inside.
Ts 3736: again contact.
Ts 3738: Maxim cuts me off again!
Ts 3754: i hit maxim left rear tire, he spins , i wait and let him pass !!!! (Gentlemans agreement?)
Ts 3768: i spin again own my own :(
Ts 3890: PLEASE DONT UNLAP YOURSELF !!, scared the crap out off me :)

So this was on hell of a fight, but i hope the race director looks at our fight.
its my opinion that the first time i passed maxim and then he hit me , he should have let me pass again .

I really think, i could have put up the pressure at Coen .
I could have gotten to him in lap 40 i recon .
But i hope i do this in Silverstone!

See you there,
Hope third Pole and now to win this Race

Signing off
Jakob de Boer

Valerio Vinassa

PrestoGP Veteran
Quali in 14th finished 9th on this track good goal ! Push my button "holyday-drive" and fix my time-lap on 1.26( more than this I can not:D ) in the early laps I chased Kurt for a fews of laps but at T10 lost car and lost contact with Kurt,was in 9th position,at lap 24 go in pit and when 1 lap after I saw distant Kurt, push my car but there was the waltz of overtaking" blu flag"ecc.. only in 2 or 3 last laps me and Kurt fight,too few:).

C U guys
Hi all

Firstly congratulations to Coen for yet another suberb race, well done!!!

no incidents to report for myself throughout the race.

Fairly frustrating race for me, i couldn't get any heat on my tires for some reason.
Couldn't get any momentum through corners and couldn't get any rythym at all.

a race i would rather forget.

congrats to podium.

see you all at the british gp!!!

Very difficult race.Spain no me track.
Q- 1.18.8xx This my time. Pass faster I could not even on trainings
R-Good start.Has committed a silly error and has lost the third place.One more error, and Elizer ahead of me.
2 part of race
Good pit.But in the end of tyre race have very strongly worn out, a lot of struggle with Jakob.
Jakob sorry for incidents,yesterday you were faster me.
Jakob I you did not see, I went on a trajectory
You attacked me, you should know distance. You were behind, and it was visible to you better.Stewarts will understand our incident.
All thanks for race
RD thanks you!
Organizers of thanks you!
see you all at the Silverstone GP!

Kimmo Kokkonen

Lord GTR3, His master's voice.
Not good race for me.

Q: 7th, not bad position so I really waiting for the race...

Race: Very good start, passing 2 or 3 cars before T1 but then flying F1 car hits me on the middle of the T1 and that's it. Car was broken but I drove whole lap to pit and did only refuelling and tyre change???? but forget to repair my car, I was still so frustrated about the T1 crash that this mistakes happens. So after the pit I was driven to T1 where someone was doing his car parking and I hit his car, sorry sorry sorry. Then I desided to leave the race...

I said earlier that this was my last race here in FPES and the reason was not only this race but also all the earlier races and my personal reasons. So thanks all, see on the server and hope so we'll on the FPWS races.

Thanks Nicolai, you were so patient with me and I really appreciate that you let me drive with all you, thanks so much.
was a nice race!!!!

Q: 6th with my PB so was happy enough!!! :D

R: 4th
i started pretty well (strange usually i suck with the starts with these cars!! :p) and i gained a spot or two, after that i did some nice fights with Bob Laube!!! Bob was near me for a lot of laps, i think 10-11 laps, so was a really hard fight, but on this track is hard overtaking!!! ;)
He was really fair and a bit more fast than me, but not enough for doing a clean attack.

Had some problems with lapping cars because i didn't judge well the situation and lost a bit the concentration, so i lost some position.....after the pit stop i wasat 5s from Eliezer in front of me, he was more fast and in few laps he gained a lot, so he had lmore than 11 second, but he choose the wrong strategy and so i gained a position and so i finished 4th!!! i am really happy to take at home my car in this race!!!!

the podium was really out of my range today!!!

so congratz all the guys that take at home the car and thx to the admins, mak corp and race department!!!!

cu next race!! ;)

P.S.: Kimmo don't leave us!!!! you are really fast and give always nice fights......it's really sad if you will not race again with us!! :(

Kimmo Kokkonen

Lord GTR3, His master's voice.
P.S.: Kimmo don't leave us!!!! you are really fast and give always nice fights......it's really sad if you will not race again with us!! :(
I leave FPES leugue but not FPWS leagues. In the middle of the week I'm too busy and tired to do any races so I'll race only weekends from know, sorry. Race yesterday sealed my decision.

So see you on the track but not in the FPES races...
I must agree with Kimmo in regards to midweek races being hard on ones sleep patterns. Especially when work or other commitments require more of your time.

Maybe it's worth me having a look at moving to the World series.
Hey all
Q : was bloked 3 times on fast laps - started 5 pl.
R : race was ok, with no any issues, I started with medium tyres, it was a misstake,
needed enter to pit at lap 19 and 42 and set pit setups which took me lots of time
any case glad to finish race finely :)
hope for fun at silverston :)
Thanks for league executers
cu on track :cool:

Joe Isaac

Hi guys, I thing we all should be more carefull especially at the start of the race, today I got up 4.30am looking for a great race, my wife said to me come back to bed you are waisting your time , someone is going to hit your car like always, yeh babe you were right, I was pushed out at t1 y someone, that put my car in all damage you can imagine, so all the hard work and daily practice is gone in a second and its not fair, if this is going to continue than I'm sorry guys I will leave the league, there is no fune waiking up 4.30am for **** race, ( excuse my language).
See you on Silverstone.
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