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Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by ropke nine, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. ropke nine

    ropke nine

    I have this game on 360 and when my Fanatec CSR comes I'm going to use my computer as the display since it's on the desk. But is it me or does this game look a little better on the LCD tv screen vs. the pc monitor. It just seems brighter and clearer, and when I put it to my PC through HDMI it looks kind of cartoony.
  2. John Robertson

    John Robertson

    there's always something weird with the way codemasters' recent games look. at least to me. f1 2010 had the exact same "gloomy" look. nothing's as bright as it should be.

    the dirt series looks alright but something is very cartoony about them to me.

    You could try messing with your monitor's settings, especially the color temperature setting, setting it to 9300k vs 6900k is a big difference, but still not enough I don't think. also try messing w/ contrast and brightness. seems kind of stupid tho, why can't it just look better in game.

    Oh and it does look better on LCD imo, my laptop monitor is LED LCD, but I play on a 23" computer monitor because it's bigger.

    At one point I believe there was a color mod for f1 2010, look for something similar soon or make a request in the mod section