disconnections and router reboots using dedicated servers?


All the gear, no idea...
Jan 13, 2014
Ive been doing some driving with a friend on the nord on a dedicated server i set up, all running well and port forwarded etc. seems randomly to be disconecting my friend from the server and sometimes his router also looses connection...these ONLY happen when using the deicated server and assetto corsa, is this a known bug? is it fixable by either me or my friend or something on kunos's side?

I noticed a thread somwhere on my travels that mentioned about players loosing connection on nord/long tracks and wondered if this is related.

Edit: I'm suspecting this issue could be related to teamspeak 3, my friend just suffered the same router reboot while not in game but still on TS3, he's just testing some laps on the dedi without teamspeak running, so far so good.

Edit: looks like the problem lies with teamspeak, everything perfect with no TS running and as soon as he fired up TS the problems returned
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