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Disagree/Dislike doesn't show from whom

Happened allready 2 times, someone disliked or disagreed my post but i couldn't see who it was...not that i really care which douchebag it was, but i can't even put him on my ignore-list (or reply) with no name to refer.
Why is somebody a douchebag for disagreeing with a post?

thats not really the question, some other may find it irritating or unpleasent. Someone disagrees or dislikes what you wrote and a) you don't know why and b) don't know who. A bit strange if you ask me and i don't want to pay for such a basic feature.

So a) either remove any disagree/dislike buttons or b) make it viewable for non-premium aswell....

...until then i don't have interest in such a forum.