Disadvantage for people on low graphics?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Bram Hengeveld, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
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    Yesterday i was curious how the game looks on medium detail level (still good) and i noticed a very big difference with the high detail level setttings:

    - there are no brakemarks on the tarmac in medium detail (at least not good visable)

    Normally i use them to know where i should start braking before the corner. How do you guys know where to brake when you play it on medium?
  2. Peter Meijer

    Peter Meijer

    Training mate.. ;)
  3. Sven De Nys

    Sven De Nys

    there are other marks to start braking, like the side marks which show the distance to a corner...
    I think each driver has his own mark to brake, which can be trees, signs, skidmarks, ...
  4. Attila Domján

    Attila Domján

    yepp, but definetely the road dark signs helps a lot. I feel it, when i started to play with race i had to play it on minimum graphic setting, and i did not had any dark tyre marks in the braking zone. I practised like that, did not even know that i miss them. Then i upgraded my PC, could turn on higher setting, and with the marks on the road was immediately easier to find the right point to brake.

    Now of cours it is alos a disadvantage, since i got used to it too much, and when the session is at that time, when there are tree shadows on the road, i usually miss my braking point for the first coupple of laps... lol (like Istanbul first left hand corner, it happens there usually, that tree shadows covering the track)
  5. Mehmet Arikan

    Mehmet Arikan

    often i use side marks like @sven 300 200 100
    or look for another good objects in front of the corner what i can remember
    in macau select some buildings in right side
    and sometimes switch to autopilot :D
  6. Lars Gerrit Korb

    Lars Gerrit Korb

    I orientate on the tiremarks.
    And I guess I will not try to experience how I would do without :)

  7. Kubica


    I use all the marks i can find 100 m signs colors on the wall If somone hit the sign i sometimes will miss my brakepoint : ) Sometimes i use the RPM indicator to brake (1st corner in Istanbul = brake on the moment i Shuld shift to 6th)
  8. markuzjuniuz


    I find the cockpit view so dark I need to pick other objects outside the track as braking guides. The dark parts are visible but they're so hard to notice when the action is on its peak, especially when overtaking.
  9. Anthalas


    I use whatever detail I can find... like an orange tyre, a line on the road, the distance signs, trees...

    I play on medium detail and it will be a while before I can upgrade my computer so I make do with what I got.
  10. Baker


    I brake for the first hot naked chic.