DiRT Rally 2.0 - Out Now

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DiRT Rally 2.0 has been made available on all platforms today.

The much anticipated sequel to Codemasters DiRT Rally has been made available for all platforms today, releasing to the wider general public following four days of 'Early Access' release to owners of the deluxe edition of the game.

You can catch some early access videos of the new title on our YouTube channel HERE.

Want to know our thoughts on DiRT Rally 2.0? Read our review HERE.

As well as global launch, DiRT Rally 2.0 also has a robust DLC plan in store for players, that will see additional content added to the game in the coming weeks - details of which can be found below:

Dirt Season I:
x3 tracks
x5 cars
In-Game Bonuses
High reward events

Dirt Season II:
x3 tracks
x5 cars
In-Game Bonuses
High reward events

DiRT Rally 2.0 is available now.

If you want to discussion the game with our passionate community, and read about the latest news, check out the RaceDepartment DiRT Rally 2.0 Sub Forum for a great place to share your mods, catch the latest news and chat about the game with our community. Give it a go, just keep it DiRTy!

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Feb 14, 2017
Really only 3 Tracks on a full priced game.


Nov 1, 2016
Really only 3 Tracks on a full priced game.

They are adding 3 more tracks and 5 more cars to the existing amount of cars and tracks in the game.
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Jun 20, 2017
What do they mean by tracks? One stage per country? A rallycross event? Who's in charge at CM?


Oct 26, 2008
My first day with dr2.0 was very disappointing, but when I finally modified ffb (still not perfect) and find the good setup of the steering wheel, I can say that it's the best of the cmr/dirt series, seriously, and for sure the best rally sim at the moment, maybe not 100% sim but for for sure 85%-90%.
I can't stop playing.
"Some say" that physics is too easy, in my opinion it is easy because it is relatively real. Intuitive and you know what to expect. The only minus (besides ffb & tarmac) is the hand brake, it should be more aggressive, or I have to change something with diffs.
Now I am waiting for VR, and I hope that someone will hack into open vr and my pimax.


Feb 13, 2016
There’s something about having to connect to network constantly... apparently a pain the behind... any experiences?


Apr 8, 2017
It's an improvement, but the same basic polishing issues remains, versions after versions. NO numerical FOV like ANY other sim racing titles, NO simple setting level explanation (no tooltip), no keyboard shortcut to show FPS to better measure any graphics settings impact, too lazy to map the name of the keys to the actual keys, instead displaying a useless "10" or "2" button that is supposed to to map a one of the 30 buttons I have between my wheel and button box, :( Come on Codemasters! It feels you have employees burnout and cash flow issues. Despite clear improvements in certain areas (it's not all bad), it feels like the PC / hardcore sims was a thought that came in a few days before the title shipped. It feels like CM is chasing money, and forgetting to chase the "soul" of the users first like Assetto Corsa did....

Also, why forcing a connection to RaceNet? If it's fight cheating, then simply say so!! Manage user expectations - always.

Anyways, just one man's opinion.

Kurupt CDN

DirtT Tuned Motorsports
Jul 18, 2012
Also, why forcing a connection to RaceNet? If
it's fight cheating, then simply say so!! Manage user expectations - always.
The following is a copy & paste from the Codies blog on there form page.

Over the weekend we had members of our community asking why the My Team part of the game requires a RaceNet connection, and we just want to address these questions and be as transparent with you as possible about why this is the case.

Simply, DiRT Rally 2.0 is the most alive DiRT game to date; the My Team career campaign is our most complex offering we’ve had, and our Community Events are built into this too. Because you’re racing against other players in this mode, we need to ensure we maintain a level playing field – and My Team being online means that we can verify everyone’s race results. In turn, this also means we can confirm that all car purchases and upgrades have been obtained legitimately.

Going forward, as we introduce competitive racing through more asynchronous events, Clubs and esports, the integrity of our leaderboards will be paramount to making sure the competition is both fair and monitored. We have at least six months of service and DLC for DiRT Rally 2.0 – so if we need to tune AI or make other changes quickly, then having this based server side allows us to be a lot more reactive.

Finally, it’s also worth noting that a whole host of content is available to play offline too – the ‘Freeplay’ tab isn’t just a race. you’ve got Time Trial, Historic Championship, RX Championship and Custom Championship modes to keep you busy without requiring an online connection. There’s a lot of game in DiRT Rally 2.0, and a whole range of ways for you to play – so while My Team is a great way to play, there’s plenty more for you to get stuck into.

full article

anthony monteil

Sector3 Studios
Jan 15, 2010
They sell content from Dirt Rally 1 as DLC, just to be honest.
Actually, I'm not sure of that. They only showed some pictures of the same locations to compare them, but it doesn't mean that the tracks will be 100% identical, which everyone assumed immediately (for comprehensible reasons).

I must admit that this method is quite confusing, with no screens showing some "new" locations on these tracks. Let's see but there might be more than just recycled tracks/countries in the DLC.

I'm even pretty sure that the tracks layouts won't be 100% identical, which promises some funny situations for those who know those Monte Carlo tracks by heart :D
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