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DiRT Rally 2.0 DiRT Rally 2.0 Modding Request Thread

Bram Hengeveld

RaceDepartment Founder
This thread is for requesting our amazing modders to create a mod for you, if they can.

Please do not post requests anywhere else on the forum as that is not appreciated by most people.
Someone should release different Replay camera Onboard SETs.

i mean who knows how camera presets works, should make different files, and each files hould contains only ONE onboard camera set, overwriting all the other views.

It should be awesome tool for making full length onboard videos from an example near the "A" pilalr, as TV used to.

The problem is that Codemasters rotates diffeent onboard views during the replay which is annoying.

There must be at least 4 presets for onboard cameras.
But each views should be similar and we (users) should select a view to use all the onboard replays presets - i mean someone who likes "A" pillar camera, then select that file. Someone who likes onboard camera behind the crew should select another file, someone who likes middle onboard camera at bottom of the windshield should select that one etc.

oh yes, i like this very mutch and i already downloaded to your site ... but ... it's not the monster group b ... i hate that colours green and black .... ,
Привет! Очень ждал ДР2 только из-за мультиплеера, но очень огорчился когда на участах не было видно друзей/соперников. Сделайте мод для видимости других машин в мультиплеере, это будет очень полезный мод, который добавит аудитории в игре.