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DiRT Rally 2.0 Dirt Rally 2.0 - Finland Content Missing on Xbox with Season Pass

Yo, come home today ready to download Finland and get me some sweet rally action but its not looking for updates?

Then when it tells me 'content missing' I click Go To Store and the content isn't even avalible for download?

Wondering if anyone else has noticed this on Xbox One

Deleted member 151827

I have the same thing. I purchased the digital deluxe version on xbox one. Does that include all dlc?
Are they aware of the issue?
I spoke to Xbox Support yesterday, they are aware there is an issue and the game was down to maintenance yesterday afternoon (UK time) I jumped on it last night and the Finland rally content was there at the bottom of the list, not at the top in the order it usually is on the marketplace, saying it was £3.15, when I clicked on it, it said you already own this item and I install it and I was off to the races! So looks like it is resolved, still a bit poor but you know at least I can thrash around in Finland now!