DiRT 4 TV Advert Revealed - Game Release Next Week

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    With just under a week remaining until DiRT 4 hits our digital shelves Codemasters have revealed the new TV advert - and it features plenty of new DiRTy action...

    The latest in a long line of DiRT games from Codemasters is scheduled to hit the stores and respective digital outlets in just seven days time on June 9th, and with pre orders already open and much of the game details public knowledge, all that is left for fans and developers alike is to sit back and while away the hours until the game is made publically available.

    To help tide over the time between now and June 9th, Codemasters have released video footage of the brand new television advert due to air shortly, and although not particularly exciting news in itself, the advert does give fans a good opportunity to see plenty of high quality in game footage from across many of the different disciplines of rally due to be included in the new title.

    From traditional point to point rally, to multiple classes of rallycross through the ages, from big old jumping trucks to low weight high speed buggies, DiRT 4 looks set to be the biggest and most in depth edition to the series since Codemasters launched the DiRT brand off the back of a successful association with the now sadly deceased World Rally Champion Colin Mcrae.

    In a fitting tribute to the memory of one of WRC's finest competitors, DiRT 4 looks like it could well turn out to be rather impressive indeed....

    DiRT 4 will be released on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 June 9th 2017.

    Check out the DiRT 4 sub forum at RaceDepartment for news and discussions about the upcoming new Codemasters release.

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    Do you like the new TV advert? Can DiRT 4 move the DiRT franchise to the next level in your opinion? Which form of racing within the game are you most anticipating trying for yourself? Let us know in the comments section below!
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    Well, that is the right Question...for me personally if the handling / Steering Wheel feel / Physics are as good as, or better than Dirt Rally I would purchase this for sure. Graphics and Audio are amazing as usual.
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