Different rFactor questions regarding RealFeel and more

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    Hi there. I have the next questions:

    1) What are the best RealFeel 0.936 settings for the following mods?
    -F1 1991 LE 2.1
    -F1 1991 Historic Edition
    -Historic GT & Touring Cars 1.95
    -F1 Classic 1967 2.3
    -F1 2012 by F1RST
    -Shift Street
    (add any other mod you think it's really good and worth downloading, these are my favorites)

    2) I have been tweaking with the settings and im unable to have a good feeling with the cars, specially when driving on a straight line. When im running at 300km/h with an F1 car and I have the wheel straight, there is just 0 vibration and it doesn't feel realistic. There should be a little rumble to simulate the fact you are running at 300km/h. The wheel feels dead and toy-ish on this situation.

    3) What is the difference between 1991 LE and Historid Edition?

    4) How do I create a game with unlimited practice laps? when im practicing after a while I get the "finish" flag and I have to restart it which is annoying

    5) What are the best quality circuits and trackpacks you would recommend? So far I have the SRM 1990 trackpack and the one that came with the 1967 mod.

    BTW, im using a G27 with 200º of rotation

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    Welcome maxdamage.

    Best is to make a separate thread for each question on a forum as it will be hard to answer them all at once
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    If I did 5 threads in a row probably someone would have complained about flooding.
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  4. Rodrigo Pires

    Rodrigo Pires

    For HistoricGT just read the manual, everything you need to know is there.
  5. Ho3n3r


    1 and 2 - no idea to be honest, as I'm not a fan of Force Feedback.

    3. League Edition: All cars and drivers equal.
    Historic Edition: Car and performance the same as it was in real life that year.

    4. Select TEST DAY in the rFactor menu, instead of Single Race or Championship.

    5. Cars:
    - F1 S-R 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994
    - F1 WCP 1997. Not the best quality, especially the tires, but good for nostalgia.
    - GPTeam F1 1998
    - CTDP 2005
    - CTDP 2006 - The most complete mod you will ever find.
    - FSONE 09 F1 Mod. That Brawn is just beautiful :D
    - F1RFT 2011. Best F1 2011 mod around.
    - Enduracers, if you like tintops. Also:
    - WTCC Extreme

    Tracks - too many to mention. Just check the top rated ones on rFactorCentral.

    Nordschleife is a brilliant one though.

    F1 Total Circuit is a must too, just for driving around mindlessly in an F1 car.

    Hope this helps.
  6. maxdamage


    THanks man.

    I forgot about RealFeel:

    My keyboard doesn't have a NUMPAD because it's a small keyboard. So how do I tweak the Realfeel settings in-game? Is there a way to configure another keys and not the numbers in the numpad?