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    You guys must tell me if I make too many threads ;).
    I play on pro physics now, Thanks rkh!
    So much more fun!

    My experience with Ducati:

    It felt like the bike was super alive, and soo sensitive, like around corners you had to be soooo precise with your triggers otherwise itll just spin out from under you. But defnitely the most fun to me personally.


    I'm not sure how to go about this bike, it doesnt suit me. At all. I think of all my crashes of 45 hrs of gameplay 90% was yamaha lol. :p It felt like Ducati just with much much less control.

    Repsol honda: Wow. Perfect out of the box. I just can't get the same times with Ducati as on this bike. It never spins from under me, I can throttle more and trust it more around corners, the balance is just wow. It does exactly what you want, when you want and how you want. And stays stable ;)

    These are my experiences with the 'Big 3'.

    What are your experiences so far with all of them?

    I played a season with each.

  2. rkh


    I won the Championship on the Ducati. Could not agree more about the handling. VERY alive, nicely done Milestone as it is a known fact that the Ducati is notoriously difficult to handle. Only Casey Stoner has managed this bike in recent years. Dovi is really getting it too now, I am thinking Dovi has a shot next year.

    YAMAHA: All around great, except braking into medium speed corners needed to get used to it as it often resulted in "over-handling these corners". Nice power :)

    HONDA: Almost too perfect :)
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