Differences between quali and race in online mode

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  1. Malicik


    Hey there all.

    Im wiring because I think there is a lot of good and experienced drivers here.
    Im playing F1 on PS3 since the F1:CE from Sony, and all F1 from CM.
    I also take part in online leagues all the time, but this time I have some real problems.
    Im using Logitech DFGT as my wheel.

    I think all of us know, that CM changed steering in 2012 drastically, comparing it to the 2010 or 2011.
    And on PS3 we can't use Logitech Profiler to set it up how we like, but only by in-game setup.

    My problem is, that during qualification I have very good pace. In China I was able to make 1:34.1xx.
    I know it's not the best time, but for me it's a record.
    What's more important Im using setups from beninho106 which are mostly based on 1/1 wings.
    Before this I was using DOC2602 setups which I find very good, but I think they are a little bit too slow for good Q.
    Or maybe You recommend some other setups for online races? I suck at making them so Im always using those from rd :)

    And when race starts my pace is awfully slow. Well, maybe not that slow, but my friends which are slower in Q like half second are better in race for like one second. I think it's an enormous difference and Im wondering where is the problem. Im making almost perfect laps and I can't even beat my best lap from some time ago during the race..

    Im always using Cautions strategy, as I have more laps to go with Rich Mixture.
    I know my car is more loader and heavier...but can it make such a big difference?

    I would be much obliged if You could help me somehow guys.
    Or at least give me some hints if You can.


    We are driving with all assists off and on manual gearbox.
    50% distance and normal qualifications.
  2. Christobal90


    Quali or Race thats the question. a good quali setup may be not perfect for race.
  3. Tom

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    You need to be able to adapt your driving style as well. Just because you're quick with 10kg of fuel doesn't mean you're quick with 100kg of fuel - brake earlier, for example. :)
  4. Malicik


    Yeah, Im fully aware of that.
    Im not the best but I think Im not bad either. I know how to drive in Q and in a Race.
    But as I was driving in China few days ago and was making almost perfect laps, I couldn't even break my record from few laps earlier. I beat it few laps before the finish...

    Maybe it's because Im using this Cautious strategy? I will try next time with Aggressive one, and will drive whole race on standard mixture. I will only change to rich in extreme moments.
  5. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
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    Its not strange that you set your fastest laps at the end of the race as the car is almost empty (fuel) at the end. Lighter = faster.