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Did you hear about the Lamera Cup?

Hello guys! This weekend I've been on Jerez Circuit (Spain)

Lamera Cup has taken place there. It was a competition that I didnt know until this weekend.
The race was a 24 hour endurance race with cars "Lamera" made by volvo with 910 KG and 320 HP

Here is their website: http://lameracup.fr/
What I understand with my really bad french is there are 3 categories inside the races: Elite, Amateur and Gentlemen.
And there are people who rent a Lamera for like 50.000€ to race on the Lamera Cup.
It's like you can rent one Lamera to race. This surprised me!

And I was looking for a car with specs like there to start competition like lamera with my friends. Did you know any car with more or less the same specs?​

There you have some photos I made this weekend:



Pd: Sorry if I did some mistakes with the English, I'm Spanish =)
I have participated in few races in the lamera category since 2017. Its really an awesome car and a very nice championship with a "family" mindset. There are 4 to 5 drivers by car so you can share with your friend one car for a race or more.
You also have the midget championship which is quite nice but the level can be high.
its a complete different budget with Lamera. I don't remeber the exact price but It was something like 15k or the weekend with a team of mecanics