Did Not Add Vehicle Error in Trace Report

After running a trace trying to locate a problem created by me in a mod, I noticed all the vehicles, game & mod content, were not added during setup.

So I removed all the mods and ran the trace again. It still was not adding any of the Reiza vehicles during setup.

Ran GSC Sync for version 1.35 & errors are still there.

This is the error listed for every vehicle & kart:

setup.cpp 1729: Did not add vehicle GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\F3\BLITZ RENNSPORT\BLITZ11.VEH (either because it did not pass filter or error)


setup.cpp 1729: Did not add vehicle GAMEDATA\VEHICLES\SUPERKART\SUPERKARTTEAMS\YBARABAS.VEH (either because it did not pass filter or error)

It would do this running a car on a track and/or just loading the game to the selection menu, without loading any car or track.

Figuring the filter error was related to an rFm file, an examination of reiza18.rfm shows this entry:
Vehicle Filter = OR: Vehicle Filter = OR: StockV8 Marcas reiza1 thru reiza21...
The other reiza files had only one entry for "Vehicle Filter = OR:"
Removing one "Vehicle Filter = OR:" entry did not make any difference.

Some other errors found in the report:

ReizaGSCPLRD 64: Disabling manual Hardware Plugin control.
ReizaGSCPLRD 128: RFM Limit not found.
ReizaGSCPLRD 310: CCH file protection patch not found.

tire_manager 1258: Non-existent tire brand "" {left over from rFactor & GTR2?}
tire_manager 1258: Non-existent tire brand ""

The game [ver. 1.35] otherwise runs without any problems.

I have included both trace reports as attachments as they are too large for posting...

Any help in clearing up this problem will be greatly appreciated... OleGreyGhost


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