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Did a re-install of Arca, driving aids not working?!!

Discussion in 'ARCA Sim Racing' started by John Bergqvist, Sep 1, 2010.

  1. John Bergqvist

    John Bergqvist

    Hi guys, ive just re-installed my OS, and i've also re-installed ARCA sim racing. it all works great, except the driving aids are all turned off apart from auto-clutch, despite the fact that some are set to ON, in the options, and are as i want them in my PLR file, yet in-game, only auto-clutch is on. Also, pressing the F1-F12 hotkeys give me no response either? Is my profile corrupt, should i create a new one?
  2. The Sim Factory

    The Sim Factory


    You're not seeing or feeling things, aids we're removed in March. The News tab of the client shows that information I believe. A pending patch also will update the interface and remove all those options from view. Sorry for the confusion.