Diamond Kart Speed Valley 1.00 - The 'F1' of Karting


Oct 23, 2008
Diamond Kart Speed Valley 1.00

The 'F1' of Karting

This super fast 1.998kM - 1.24mile kart track has a smooth surface and a technically exciting layout incorporating over 5 meters of level changes, fast sweeping bends, dare devil chicanes lined with barriers and only one real straight all thrillingly combined to generate amazingly quick lap times, with possible average lap speeds of over 127kph - 79mph..

"First you conquer the track, then the opposition"..


- Diamond Kart Speed Valley is designed to be raced in both directions 'Clockwise' and 'Anti-Clockwise'

- Working 'Start' and 'Pit' lights (both directions)

- Pits and Grid sized for 30 Karts (both directions)

- There is usable run off areas adjacent to parts of the track but chicanes and some bends have barriers that are mounted close to the edge of the track.

- Includes CAM, AIW and Loading screens


- Diamond Kart Speed Valley 'Clockwise' Session

- Diamond Kart Speed Valley 'Anti-Clockwise' Session

MOD's used for TESTING

- High speeds in 'BRKart' and Technicality in 'World Karting'

- AI settings: Strength = 120%, Aggression = 100

- Recommendations: Before starting a session set 'FLAG RULES' to NONE


1. Download and extract rar file

2. Place 'Diamond Kart Speed Valley' folder into 'Program Files/rFactor/Game Data/Locations/


Please post your 'BRKart' and/or 'World Karting' fastest lap times for both 'Clockwise' and 'Anti-Clockwise' sessions


Diamond Kart Speed Valley the F1 of Karting is dedicated to Schumacher's return

Track and Graphics - designed and developed by - Mr Kenny D

Test drivers - Wantan, Bad 1, Nabs, Terry and Shyanne


By downloading and/or using the 'Diamond Kart Speed Valley' tracks you agree that:

- the 'Diamond Kart Speed Valley' tracks may only be used for non-commercial use in rFactor

- Permission is NOT granted to use the 'Diamond Kart Speed Valley' tracks, either in part or whole for any other project or racing game

- Conversion of the 'Diamond Kart Speed Valley' tracks to any other gaming format is strictly prohibited without permission

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