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DHR GP Round 7 Turkey Report

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Muhammed Patel, May 30, 2010.

  1. Muhammed Patel

    Muhammed Patel


    World Series saw DHR SimCraft driver’s Ben Tusting get 9th place and Jack Keithley qualifying in 14th on the grid. At the early stages of the race Ben gained a few positions, but slipped back. The race was going well for the three DHR GP drivers, with John Debaquer gaining 11 places through the race – From 26th to 15th after missing qualifying due to technical issues. Unfortunate news happened to Ben Tusting, with his engine failing with 6 laps remaining due to pushing too hard to gain time. However, Jack came in 9th, his second consecutive top-10 place finish.

    World Trophy once again saw DHR SimCraft driver Muhammed Patel taking pole position, his third of the season, and three in a row. He was followed by DHR Apex’s Fabrico Teidy. Off the line saw both Patel and Teidy keep their places, however Teidy dropped behind and it became apparent that Precision Motorsports Pedro Melim was a bit faster then Patel. Once he got by, Patel had to keep off the other Precision car, of Ajibola Lawal. He succeeded. Teidy had an immense second stint, however, being 12 seconds behind after a poor first stint, he was unable to close up and pass both Patel & Lawal, and finished in 4th.

    World Championship was an okay result for the Estrada-DHR-Simcraft team. While Jack Keithley filled in for the ill suffering Tom Eley, his race was short-lived due to being caught up in the second lap mayhem. The car was badly damaged due to this, and he retired out of the grand prix.
    John Eric-Saxen was stuck behind other cars for the majority of the race which ruined his chance of a top 5 result. However, he had a fantastic battle with Ash Racings Lee Morris. He came home in 8th place, bringing good points for the team.

    Muhammed Patel commented: “It was a good race for me, with my third consecutive pole. Melim was a bit too fast for me, but I was able to hold on to 2nd. Good result, and am being consistent on the podiums now which is good. Also a good race for the team, with Fabrico being quick and good points in World Series. And once again a brilliant drive by Saxen to get points for us in WC.”

    Fabrico Teidy commented: “Was a good race, but I was just a bit too excited in the first stint and made some mistakes, but made up for it in the second stint. Towards the end I was 12 seconds behind Patel and Lawal, I was able to close every lap and got to less than 1 second from Lawal at the last lap, but made a mistake at sector one which lost me the chance to try and take 3rd. But am happy to finish 4th after a difficult start to the season. Thanks to the team for the great work on the car, looking forward to Canada”

    All results & standings can be found on FSR GPCOS Site here.

    World Series Broadcast Link
    World Trophy Broadcast Link
    World Championship Broadcast Link
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