Plugins Developer Toolkit 0.1

A toolkit to read and tweak game logic/variables

  1. zamp


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    Developer Toolkit - A toolkit to read and tweak game logic/variables

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  2. Mazen91


    Hey zamp,
    great tool you got there. I have some problems though:
    • This one is not really a problem, but my GUI isn't half-transparent like yours is. When starting MSC in windowed mode and a smaller resolution the GUI takes up a lot of space. To see through it would be helpful for me.
    • For some reasons the mouse is a little offset. So I'll have to click to right of where I actually want to click.
    • I can't enter negative values at all. Sometimes it works copying negative values from elsewhere, but it's not reliable.
    • Also decimal values work a little strange for me. I can't enter a decimal point at the end of the number. So in order to enter 2.5 I'f have to enter a 25 and add the decimal point afterwards.
    Besides that it's a great tool, especially for someone trying to build a mod whos trying to find GameObjects or variables.