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Details about the engine of Assetto Corsa

Scott Webber

Dec 28, 2010
gre up with it? i lived with it, day in and day out, got all the videos of the series :D (yes videos not dvd's ) Best TV show to this day imo.
May 11, 2008
Not sure if this has been asked before but what type of tire model would Kunoz say they have?
You hear so much about games like "that one has this tire model and that one has that one etc"
NKPro we knew was awesome, we know AC will be as well but what type of tire model is being used?
How much does it simulate? would be great if there was some small techincal pieces one could read up on regarding the tire model.


Kunos Simulazioni
Feb 5, 2012
The tyre model is something Stefano has created ad hoc. It's based on "single slip profile" with flex, relaxation length, speed sensitive, and everything else you can immagine calculated dynamically and not in steady state.

It's a bit difficult to analyze with graphs and curves because everything is dynamic, but on the other hand it is extremely easy to tweak with relatively a small amount of variables and it is also difficult to do "stupid" things with it. As a result, even modders with low experience, will be able to do very good tyres for their cars, without messing around too much.

So the things you don't see, are difficult and already made by Stefano and to some extend me. The rest is easier to handle.

Most importantly, it gives an amazing feeling of being connected with the road, while at the same time staying always predictable without any moments of "wtf"

This is not our "NTM" that I mentioned in that tweet you've posted. That's an even more advanced tyre model that we are not going to use on v1.0. That one theoretically has some even more impressive potential, but we haven't even driven it, it's just equations and graphs for now (but very impressive hehe).

Lee Ross

Mar 28, 2009
I would think it's gonna be similar to rF2's model. It should be a fully dynamic brush model and support real carcass modeling. NetKar had the most amazing model so i'm really excited to see how the new one feels. rF2's is really nice, so i'm intrigued to see how the Kunos guys have done it this time
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Oct 19, 2011
Not sure if this question belongs in this thread.

As this sim is being designed to attract all levels of racing fanatics, from novice to experts, I am eager to see what it has to offer in terms of telemetry. To assist novices and juniors in seeting up the car, can AC add some form of assistance or guidanace in the telemetry to help interpret the results and provide suggestions as to what could be changed in the setup? This could encourage other racers to try out this sim.

Im not expecting to have the perfect setup but I am cetain that even today's pros use AI and simulations to optimize their car setups. A little bit of help can go a long way.

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Senad Subasic

Feb 22, 2010
Indeed, as far as I gathered, it will use Race Studio 2 from the aforementioned link, the same as netKar does.