Detailed MoTeC Analysis (Why I'm 3+ seconds off the pace)


Feb 17, 2016
First off, I'd like to give my sincere thanks to Nils Naujoks a.k.a. Sim Racing Popometer over at YouTube, for taking no small amount of his personal time to offer me his insight and hopefully help me to make changes to my poor driving style and habits. If you haven't already, I would highly recommend checking out his content if you are an ACC nut like myself.

For those who would rather not read a wall of my waffling, the video analysis is at the end of this post :)

I'll be the first to admit that I'm one of the guys that would be at the back of most grids when it comes to sim racing. The vast majority of my time is always spent racing offline so I never really paid any attention to what a "fast" laptime was. I'd just set the A.I to a level where I felt I was in a race and forgot about it.

This changed a little with the advent of ACC. I found myself watching a lot of onboard laps from others via YouTube and began to notice that little lap timer in the corner of the screen. I started pay more attention and thought "Hang on a minute... How come they are all multiple seconds a lap better than me?" My laps look just like theirs... I'm in the same gear in the same corners... I brake when they brake... I hit the throttle just like they do... Right?

"Ok, I know what it is. They all share a secret setup amongst themselves. It's a secret society that I don't have membership for and if I could just get that holy grail .json I'd be in the club". WRONG! :cry:

I'm fast running out of my own excuses at this point and am forced to admit to myself that I might actually be pretty crap at this.

This is where Nils comes into the picture.

He very kindly offered his viewers a link to download a MoTeC file from one of his own laps in order that we could compare it to our own. I'm not fully conversant with the software and so asked Nils if we could switch things around and have him do the lap comparison for me.

Now, I know that probably somewhere around 95% of you can lap faster than me and your times will be closer to Nils's than they are to mine. However, I hope some will still be able to take something from the analysis that will be of benefit to them.

Here is the result:



May 28, 2018
didnt see your times during the video, im assuming about 2:21 ish.

as much as analysis is great, if you are doing 2:21s you just need to practice more laps, watch a few hot lap videos, see where other people break, what lines they take, their breaking cues and what gears they are in.