Design a (fantasy) Motor Sport Series!

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  1. Nox


    So, let's say you are asked to create a new motor sport series. You get to pick everything about it from the car classes, the tracks, how long the races are, how they're run, safety car/caution rules, etc.

    What would you come up with? Would mixing up some of the best bits of different series work? I'd be interested in hearing your ideas.
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  2. Jimlaad43

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    I would do this. [/Shameless Plug]
    But, I would. LMP1 cars are awesome, and these fantasy tracks are too. The races are 1hr 30 with one 3hr race on a long circuit. I have tweaked the settings so safety cars don't come out in the game, but I would use them in real life.
  3. the_sigman


    Is this completely fantasy?

    If yes, I would do a pentathlon. Starting with WRC Spain Rally (7 stages), continuing with a 30 lap race at Spa-Francochamps, going to the Indy 250 and then a 15 lap race at Phillip Island with MotoGP bikes, before ending with Bathurst 500 with V8 Supercars.

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  4. Nelson Ullinskey

    Nelson Ullinskey

    Before joining RD, I had plans for a fictional series in Race 07. I called it the Thunder Cup and I made it take place in 2008.

    The idea would be to make it a spec series with all cars sharing a single frame but multiple shells for different manufacturers. The cars would be about as powerful as GT1 spec cars so I would have used the GT Pro class in Race 07/GTR Evolution.

    I even worked out a fictional point system;

    Each one is a multiple of two, so half-points can be awarded for the Vara Challenge (see below). Trophy events would award points as seen on the table above, and these races would be 150 Km or an hour in length depending on the track and event. The Grand Cup events are 100 minutes and have the same point system as above but with a multiplier of 1.5. For example, a win which is normally 24 points becomes 36 points and third place would award 21 points

    The Vara Challenge is a set of 4 races of 15 lap distances around the fictional street circuit Vara found in Race 07. (If unfamiliar with the circuit, look it up on You Tube) Each race would award half points and would be the only street circuit.

    Calender; 2008
    April 13; Curitiba (41 Laps, Trophy)
    April 27; Brands Hatch Indy Layout (1 Hour, Trophy)
    May 11; Brno (28 Laps, Trophy)
    June 1; Zolder (1 Hour, Trophy)
    June 22; Zandvoort (Grand Cup)
    July 13; Poznan (37 Laps, Trophy)
    July 27; Vara (Vara Challenge)
    August 17; Okayama (41 Laps, Trophy)
    September 7; Mid Ohio (Grand Cup)
    September 28; Nurburgring (30 Laps, Trophy)
    October 11; Imola (31 Laps, Trophy)
    November 2; Valencia^ (Grand Cup)

    ^Valencia as in the Circuit Ricardo Tormo, not the F1 street circuit.

    As can be seen on the calender, there is not a break longer than two weeks. This is to ensure that fans keep interest in the series throughout the year. Because the Thunder Cup is a spec series and the races are relatively short compared to other racing series, the idea is fun, fast and close racing.
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