DEM F1 Pedals - a very quick review


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Nov 26, 2012
Hello enthusiasts!

I recently got a set of pedals from DEM Racing Simulators, a two pedal kit designed for their various cockpits and full size replica cars.

The communication with the guys was top notch and I had the kit delivered in about three weeks.

In essence you have here two pedals (they do three as well) that sit on an aluminium plate which in turn slides back and forth in nylon type guide rails that are fitted to a main base plate. This setup allows for 250mm of pedal adjustment via an electric linear actuator and a cable/switch assembly allows for mounting the switch wherever it suits you.

The throttle utilises a hall effect sensor where a magnet approaches the sensor rather than a rotating version, and the brake pedal is a 100kg load cell.

I mounted it all to an existing seat I had and OK, it's now a bit of a hybrid setup but it works very well. The pedal kit plugs in via USB and calibrates easily and for me using F1 2018 it is a massive step up from the TM pedal set I used to run. Initially I had issues getting the TM steering wheel and these pedals to work together but that was nailed down to a USB hub flaw. Running separate USB cables to the computer sorted all conflicts.

There's a wide range of adjustments available for pedal travel, spring force, heel support and pad placement in three axis. You can also choose between a variety of colours for the pedal struts when ordering.

I'm really happy with the purchase but knowing little about real racing cars I'm left with one question and that is why the pedal plates are protruding towards the driver, away from the actual pedal pivot point. As far as I can assess this only makes your heel lift off the floor to follow the pedal through, OR you can hope that your sock/shoe slides on the plates to allow the heels to stay put. At present I'm in the 'innermost' position, but I will probably modify these pedals so my heel approaches the pivot point as much as possible.

This is my first purchase from DEM but I anticipate that it's not the last :)