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Dell xps 730 h2c project

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by xmotoracer, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. xmotoracer


    I decided to change my pc case & the option came that i could buy cheap a dell xps 730 h2c desktop case. i liked the look of that model since it was released but not the
    price range,so i thought get the case & slot my current hardware inside & use it for future upgrade/s etc....
    the xps 730 range was the first to use a standard ATX motherboard as before ranges had the btx standard,so this is able to accept a full ATX board non dell..... :D

    it also weighs a ton....even with most of the internals gone

    here is dell xps 730 h2c as it was advertised when new by dell for sale


    heres mine when i got it looking sorry for itself :roll:


    mine is second hand & a little bit worse for wear but intact.........inside i got the 1000w power supply & a dvd writer & dvd player...
    the led lights were intact & the two main case fans plus their frames...... the water cooling system is gone of course it being expensive.
    the pics here don't show just how large this case is tbh......it's huge

    so i started with the case....popped the side off....


    i stripped out the dell parts i won't be using & then had this

    i removed the mainboard trays to access the wires underneath

    the front panel connector layout is different to my boards so i used a multi metre & battery to find out what did what etc.....

    bits in a box :lol:



    rear view


    front view


    someone in dell must have decided at the time to try & use as many screws as possible in this unit as there are tons of them....


    the original front panel connections usb ones are broken...so i will replace them later with a 3.5 usb drive hub

    M/B trays back in & my power supply


    my parts ready for donation


    i used one of the dell fan & housing as it points straight at the cpu fan.......

    here is case with my parts


    loads of free space & air flow is great

    i have the case neons rewired & will use the blue colour.....just need to finish the soldering first etc

    trying to show size by comparing dvd drive as scale


    needs a bit more doing to it ...but looks nice.....everythings running ok.......

    here is it's new home ....just fits :lol:


    in the future i'll probadly upgrade the cpu & motherboard so i'll more than likely switch to water cooling like this case once was....

    i think i'll call this model the dell xps 730 h2c MK1