Deleting Series from game


Nov 17, 2017
Is there a way to properly delete series files from Automobilista. It seems like every time I do it, an icon for a series I want to keep goes missing even though it's still listed in the series folder. Can somebody help me out?

Marc Collins

Aug 25, 2011
You have to manually delete the content under the GameData folder (usually Vehicles and Sounds, but there could be more) and the series files (.SRS and corresponding .TGA) under the Series folder.

Dann Murillo

Mar 1, 2010
Yeah MC, but I get what Topper is saying. I have deleted some of the files several times and often times you lose a series completely or have 2 of the same icon showing up. You have to adjust the "Order=" number in the .srs file to really get them all to work in unison once you delete some.

F1 cars example. They look like this in the srs file:
Ultimate: Order=09
Extreme: Order=10
Reiza: Order=11
V10: Order=12
V12: Order=13
Classic: Order=14
Retro: Order=15
Vintage: Order=16

If you really want to do it right you could reorder all of your remaining srs files by how you want them to appear in the main game menu. ;)

Due notice: that this will cause mismatching online and who knows what else. I am not responsible if this breaks your game. :geek: But if it does you can always integrity check to get it all back to normal. :)