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Deep Forest Raceway cameras

Misc Deep Forest Raceway cameras 1.0

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Black Wagtail

Aug 8, 2014
Black Wagtail submitted a new resource:

Deep Forest Raceway cameras - normal and reverse cameras_1.ini cameras_2.ini cameras_3.ini cameras_4.ini csv

If you're using another camera, please rename my file.
Made with Gran Turismo 6 and other ones.
It does not become all same as GT6.
csv is an adjustment for gt3 car.
A CSV file is used to move a camera.

- Added cameras_1.ini Drone; Most is a drone camera
- Added cameras_2.ini GT 1; Gran Turismo 6 Lap 1 cam from a start
- Added cameras_3.ini GT 2; Gran Turismo 6 Lap 2 cam from a start
- Added cameras_4.ini GT 3; Gran Turismo 6 Lap 3 cam from a start
- Added csv
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