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Dedicated Server Setup

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by smurf racer, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. smurf racer

    smurf racer

    Hi guys, i am not behind a router, but still cannot setup a dedicated server on my pc.

    I just want to setup one so me and a few others can play.

    It says in manual go to your games folder and read RaceDedicatedserver.txt.. I dont have this file which is wierd. So i cant even read it.

    Any suggestions?

    And another one, in the dedicated server setup, What does the competition mode do? You have No competition mode, Qualification and Race weekend mode. With competition ID and Server ID.. Any info on this would be appreciated also.

  2. Yves Sterckx

    Yves Sterckx

    Create an internet (check the internet option) server with the dedicated server program. Give the game you create a name. Start GTR, go to multiplayer and check if that server with your name is in the list. If you are not behind a router, you must see your server.

    The racededicatedserver.txt file is also missing in my version. I think it is a file which does not exist anymore. In this forum you can also find al the ports you must forward in your router. But you don't have a router, so disregard.

    The competition thing. Well, I don't know. But when I create a server I don't use it. I think you can setup a competition server. This server will keep up the scores of several races. I'm not sure.
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