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Dedicated Server Question

Whenever I host a dedicated server using GSC Dedicated.exe, no matter what I enter for Practice and Warmup, those sessions are never used. It only does Qualifying and Race.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!
Access your dedicated server (and be sure it is off). Open the .plr with notepad++ (right click) located here E:\Program Files (x86)\GSC2013\UserData\DedicatedServer
Find the line 92 and correct it like this Run Warmup="1"

The Practice should work by default. You can also check the .plr file for this.
Thank you to both of you. Reading about your solutions of editting the .plr file, I figured out that you can also fix it by enabling them in single player single race mode. That is probably how I disabled them in the first place. Did not expect a single player option to affect a dedicated server...