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Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Dene Smith, May 15, 2015.

  1. Dene Smith

    Dene Smith

    Can someone please help i am trying to run a dedicated server on a hosted server machine but am unsure how to make a config file to put cars and tracks and stuff, as i have no example to look at, many Thanks
  2. Dennis

    RedShift Racing Premium

    You don't have to, the cars and tracks (and other session info) is set-up within the game.
    You just have to start the dedicated server and then connect to it through pCars.
    There is a Readme.pdf in the dedicated server directory where this is explained in detail :)
  3. Rob Milliken

    Rob Milliken

    Sipped from Pcars forum MP support..

    About the DS:
    The Project Cars Dedicated Server is not a standalone server where you select car and track directly in the dedicated server configuration.
    It is a rebroadcaster, collecting information from each player and sends the information to the other players.
    This reduces network load of each client drastically and helps reducing lags and adds stability.

    The server is working but more features will be added.

    Switch to your DS installation directory and copy the server.cfg from config_sample folder to the DS installation directory.
    optional: With blacklist and whitelist: copy the blacklist.cfg whitelist.cfg to your DS installation directory. Also copy the server_with_lists.cfg and rename it to server.cfg.

    To quickly run/test a server you only have to change the name.
    The password you can set will be needed to create and to join the dedicated server. You can't change this password when hosting the session ingame (it will be ignored).
    You should also set the maximum player count to a number your internet connection supports. See 'Requirements'.

    The ports selected in the configuration file must be accessable from the internet.
    Configure your firewalls or routers if needed.

    Running the DS:
    The DS only has a commandline version until now and cannot run directly from steam.

    Using DS:
    The dedicated server will not automatically be shown in the Multiplayer browser list.
    To use the DS you have to host a Multiplayer session ingame the same way how you would host a session without DS.

    To select a server, the session host has to add a command line argument (or Launch option) to Project Cars in Steam. Howto add command line option to steam games: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil.../?id=116794507
    Possible commandline options
    Searching for dedicated server by name: -searchds "Servername" (or a part of the name)
    Searching for a free dedicated server: -autods

    Your servername is: "My super DS #1"
    Launch option: -searchds "My super DS #1" or -searchds "My super DS"

    Other players can join the game like in a normal multiplayer session.
    They don't need to add the command line argument.

    so in essence its just using your game exe with a command line hack to force it to look for the DS rather then use the in game server connection feature ..
    You now set the Mp session up from the "connect" menu -track cars ,time ,weather ectt.. as you would without a dedicated server , when you hit the 'create button' to launch the server it will now start searching for the DS (as long as you added the command line launch edits> -searchDS "your server name") make sure you add the {""}'s with the name between them ..
    so its not a true dedicated server yet and wont run 24/7 as you use your game as host so you have to be there .. the advantage is bandwidth on the DS vrs hosting from your home connection ,that works pretty good so you really don't need the DS as long as you have enough bandwidth .. It will be updated in the future but for now this is how it is ! ;-)
  4. Dene Smith

    Dene Smith

    Thanks guys as we have a dedicated server with rf2, assetto and gsc so we gona put pcars on their aswell.
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