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07-07-2015, 09:16#137Stepan Vondrak

A short update. I now have all lobby settings controllable from the DS, so if I create a session hosted on my testing DS, I can then change everything via the API.

This means it's finally time to let the game join empty servers, without going through the extra "host needs to allocate DS first" step, via the Create flow with command-line arguments. I now have empty servers showing up in the browser, together with running sessions:

This will still need some work to have all the properties show up correctly, the track name and vehicle class restriction are hardcoded now. But the server already advertises them in the key-value pairs. Then I will start working on the join flow for empty servers, which might be a bit tricky ; it's actually much more similar to the create flow, just with few differences here and there, and automagic fallback to standard join if someone else joins first and allocates the server.

13-07-2015, 00:16#150Stepan Vondrak
Direct support for logging into files is not planned at this moment, right now I focus on getting the controlling http api done and release. Then I have some ideas on what to improve next, one of the features would help with logging into files, but I am not ready to announce that one yet

Today, 00:35#151Stepan Vondrak

The game-controlling mode is working quite well so far, and Dedicated Servers are finally joinable from the browser even when they are empty:
  • If the empty DS is configured as game-controlling, it will provide the settings to the user who joins first and it won't be possible to modify the setup from within the game, the server can change it at any time in the lobby. The HttpAPI can be used to script it in any way, from simple track rotation to something more complex. I'll try to provide a script (probably something hacked in Perl) with a fixed track rotation example before this all is released. Controlling the server via the HttpAPI like this can be a bit clumsy for simple scripting that's not talking to a web server, so I already have some plans how to make this more comfortable.
  • If the empty DS is configured as host-controls-the-game, it just provides the initial setup, which then can be modified by the host in the same way as the game works now.

I also already hooked the additional attributes I promised, such as track geo location or current weather status, and chat logging and sending chat via the API. So the first version of these changes is pretty much ready for release. It won't make it into patch 2.5 which is currently now in testing, but it will be included in 3.0 which should follow shortly after, hopefully in few weeks/a month max.
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