Dedi server crashing with some tracks

Kevin Cox

When creating a dedi server with certain tracks the server crashes.

Cars tested:
  • Stock Car V8
  • SuperV8

Tracks tested so far are:
  • Brazilian Grand Prix 1976
  • Buenos Aires Circuito No 12
  • Interlagos External Ring
  • Johannesburg Historic
  • Japanese Grand Prix
  • Kansai East
  • Londrina
  • Londrina Long
  • Ribeirao Preto 2010
  • Ribeirao Preto 2012
  • Salvador
  • Santa Cruz do Sul
  • Taruma
  • Velopark
  • Velopark 2010
There are more tracks that crash but I don't have time to test them all.

Click here to download one of the dump files of the crashing we're getting.

Please help.

Kevin Cox

Thanks @ennimann but it's not easy scrolling through all the pages in that bug report thread. Why don't they just have a bug report section where people can create separate threads on different issues? ;)
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