[Dec 1, 2013] GTL: LM55 pack Jaguar, Aston, Ferrari (Road Atlanta 70)

Rupe Wilson


Class: LM55:
Jaguar, Aston, Ferrari ( Download ) this is the LM55 car pack
Track: Road Atlanta 70 (Download)

See Main Forum for Official Race Time Clock
Practice start time:
GMT 20.00 (20 mins)
Qualification start time: GMT 20.20 (single lap)
Race start time: GMT 20.30 (13 laps)
Practice start time:
GMT 21.00 (20 mins)
Qualification start time: GMT 21.20 (single lap)
Race start time: GMT 21.30 (13 laps)

Out of the 6 cars in the pack you must race with 2 different ones

Rupe Wilson

Note1: CLUB RACING RULES CLICK ME for GTL. Please read the rules they have been updated 6/11/2013 and post a reply that you have read and understood the rules
Note 2: Only default liveries please
Note 3: We are using the SIMBIN lobby for this event. See here how to switch lobby
Note 4: Each race you need to drive a different make of car, either a Jag, Aston , or Ferrari,
you cant drive a Jag twice for example,
Note 5: We run Super-Pole qualification: You only get a single attempt to set a time (1 Out-lap + 1 timed lap). If you mess it up, tough luck!
Note 6: Watch your driving please

If you have not entered the server and driven a few laps with fellow drivers before we go to qualifying you are too late for that session.

Please think of your fellow drivers. Get out on track with them, watch how they drive, you can't race with guys you have not seen drive. We ALL brake a little differently and drive the corners differently, get used to how they drive and then we can all race more safely.

If you drop out of the server during qualifying you can return.

This is being held in our Club, using Club Rules, and should be driven in that spirit.
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Rui F. Martins

i'm sorry but i will have to sign out of this race, i had a really busy week and wasn't able to practice so i will need the weekend to practice for VWEC, hopefully i will be able to join you guys next week, have fun :thumbsup:

Yves Larose

that was a fun event to bad we were not more tho, very fun car to drive my cars choice were the Aston Martin DBR2 for race 1 and the Ferrari 250 TR for race 2. since i was much faster then the other i did qualify for either race and took the win in both race :roflmao:

thanks Rupe for posting the event, thanks to Steven for running the event and thanks to RD for hosting it :thumbsup:
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