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Dear Serious Simracing

Dear Serious Simracing ... did you ever even foresee this coming? You ought to know that demanding a man's all free time is not legit. Requiring a new expensive rig for our acts is debatable, if not worse. And no one should dedicate his entire life to only one driving genre. Saucy Simcade knows this. Simcade does not mercilessly force me to practice two hundred laps before I can make a race with her. And forget the rig - we can make it on the table edge:laugh: "Forget practicing dude, you don't have to, and we can still spend quality time together in the evening," Simcade says. And it's so true! We have only happy hours with her. Plus, Simcade is wise enough to only laugh when I drive trucks and buses. So goodbye, serious Simracing, I will have fun now, and I don't miss the complex thousands of practicing hours with you;)
- John
( ... am I an oddball, ... )
Simracing is no different than simcade. You'll still meet the same peeps, somewhat the same handling. The realism is more or less the same.

The fun part about simcade is racing will more likely to be cleaner. Simracing target realistic number, but don't focus on communicative driving interaction. Peeps crash & lose control in simracing games, cause the handling often doesn't make sense. In simcade they use fake stats so the car feel right. Peeps don't get trolled while driving. Thus leads to less crash. If you think I'm full of it, just recall the weird snap, rumble strip throw, uncommunicative slide, assist on/off techniques, the never ending trolling technical blogs about how unrealistic the previous version was about peeps who got trolled & trolled again, etc.

I agree with OP that simcade is more fun cause of variety. Most simcade peeps ain't sticking to the same car track. They don't waste time figuring the weird physic. It's either track day or being a fake professional driver. It's taking role playing too far.