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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jai Spencer, May 1, 2013.

  1. Jai Spencer

    Jai Spencer

    Hey chaps, having placed a new server in a colo i have found the time to fire up a Private DayZ Hive.

    It is the standard Chern map, but with a few added extras to help or hinder the casual player!

    I logged onto the the private hive and spent a few hours on me own doing the usual looting and running.
    It was bland, no fear, no death, and plenty of loot.....so.
    For the interest of drumming up players and if the server is empty, the death element is now restored....NPC's are active in Chernarus!

    They will be patrolling around known military areas, NWA, NEA, Stary to name a few....treat as hostile if you want but not all of them are!!

    3 types of NPC out there::

    1) Survivors - Shoots Zombies and 'Any' Bandit, that means NPC Bandits and YOU!
    2) Bandits - Shoots ruddy everything....Zombies, NPC Survivors, Player Survivors, NPC Bandits and Player Bandits...
    3) Soldiers - Shoots Zombies and Bandits, both NPC and Player.

    So....if you are a BANDIT...lol enjoy the hard time in UK410 Private Hive!


    Stick UK410 in your search, see you online.
    Help or support:
    I host on my own hardware: DayZ, ShootMania, MineCraft and CSGO, feel free to pop by and get involved!
  2. Dux


    Okay this is old and i see no one has wrote a thing :D
    I am about to buy it, i mean thinking between DayZ and H1Z1 and i am wondering WHICH
    Or the differences in both