Daytona race starts discussion

Dennis Phelan

Apr 8, 2009
How soon we forget, especially true for a track that we very seldom ever run.

I have just completed several starts for the cars we will be using at this circuit. In a normal standing start several things happen to the cars due to the grid being on the eighteen degree front banking. The first thing you will notice is that your steering wheel will rotate, for me a full turn to the left. This will probably happen to all the cars used for the week. The FWD cars will line up ant get off the line fairly well. Many of the GTP cars will begin to drift down the banking, pulled by gravity as soon as you place yourself on the grid! Cars may not be pointed straight ahead after sitting for even a few moments. When the lights go out, many of the GTP cars will spin and flounder, the starts will be horrible for everyone and so will the race. Holding the brake on does not seem to help but is certainly suggested!

I strongly suggest that you run a few practice starts using the offline "Race Event" in the main menu before showing up for any event as we will not be practicing any starts on race day.

The STCC and Mini events can be run with standing starts. Some might experience problems during the start if too aggressive but I bet there will be more problems at the first two corners than at the start line.

The GTP races will both be rolling starts.
When rolling starts are selected for a race event they follow the WTCC rules and only the first race starts off rolling and race two is a standing start. To make both races rolling starts the server will be set for a single race. At the completion of Race 1 we will move to the next event and without anyone leaving the garage, we will move forward through the sessions to Race, no practice, no qualifying, no warmup. I'm sure the grid order will be scrambled, not a reverse grid but it should provide some variety.
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