Daytona 500k January 29

Discussion in 'ARCA Sim Racing' started by Eric Martel, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Eric Martel

    Eric Martel

    hi all

    if you interested for watching a big ARCA race check this

  2. Eric Martel

    Eric Martel

    ok guys is this is a lineup for a real stockcar race

    ARCA Barry Hedrick United States CanAm Racing 1 Active
    ARCA Andy Graydon Australia Phoenix Racing 2 Active
    ARCA Tom Moseley United States 3 Active
    ARCA Chris Melton United States CanAm Racing 4 Active
    ARCA Ernie Douglas United States MRT 5 Active
    ARCA Daniel Bolman Netherlands MDB-Racing 6 Active
    ARCA Nick Phillips England Pinnacle Motorsports 7 Active
    ARCA Bob Fay United States CT Racing 8 Active
    ARCA David Ulmer Canada Pinnacle Motorsports 9 Active
    ARCA Joe Cronk United States WSU Driver Development 10 Active
    ARCA Les Lamont Canada CanAm Racing 11 Active
    ARCA Mike Guzman United States Race2Play Orphans 12 Active
    ARCA Charles Davis United States E Racers Anonymous 13 Active
    ARCA Mario Rocha Portugal Atlantic Racing Team 14 Active
    ARCA Allen Cotton United Kingdom Pinnacle Motorsports 15 Active
    ARCA Jim Barisoff Canada E Racers Anonymous 16 Active
    ARCA Joe DiPino United States Team VindexWorks 17 Active
    ARCA Jeff Luke Australia Phoenix Racing 18 Active
    ARCA David Fridley United States Ohio Valley Motorsports 19 Active
    ARCA Ellery Souza Brazil Escuderia Sul-Brasil 20 Active
    ARCA Tom Malanga United States CanAm Racing 21 Active
    ARCA Luis Almeida Brazil Skyline Brasil 22 Active
    ARCA Matt Sotomayor United States X Motorsports 23 Active
    ARCA Josh Gerlach United States SnapWorks Racing 24 Active
    ARCA Natalia Perez Brazil BrSD Team 25 Active
    ARCA Danny Wylie United States CanAm Racing 26 Active
    ARCA Scott Collins United States 27 Active
    ARCA Ron Coles Canada 28 Active
    ARCA Eric Harlan United States 29 Active
    ARCA Dwayne Hall United States 30 Active
    ARCA Mike Logsdon United States 31 Active
    ARCA Lance Walker Canada Sim Car Up 'n Comers 32 Active
    ARCA Gary Hartrunft Jr. United States SnapWorks Racing 33 Active
    ARCA Robert Lynn United States SnapWorks Racing 34 Active
    ARCA Ryan Piland United States SnapWorks Racing 35 Active
    ARCA Robert Roop United States 36 Active
    ARCA Eric Martel Switzerland 37 Active
    ARCA Dominic Papa United States Sim Car Up 'n Comers 38 Active
    ARCA Kyle Taraska United States 39 Active
    ARCA Mike Arn United States MRT 40 Active
    ARCA Raul Pons Spain 41 Waiting
    ARCA Pablo Martinez Spain 42 Waiting
    ARCA Brian Kunze United States K.E.M Racing Team 43 Waiting
  3. Patrick van Driel

    Patrick van Driel

    Nice bunch !
  4. Eric Martel

    Eric Martel

    is not finnish at this time the lineup is passed at 53 in the list
  5. Eric Martel

    Eric Martel

    tonight start of the Daytona 500k

    Watch here

    come in large numbers looked this great race and took advantage of this moment to discuss on ARCA racepartement a good chance to make promotion.

    Thank you

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