Date set for team orders hearing

I would be surprised if any further action was taken directly @ ferrari. Especially when everyone knows team orders are used by every team.
You would basically be punishing them for not being coy enough.

Nigel Atkins

they may get away with a slapped wrist for the team orders, but there reaction after the race is what pissed people off the most. so i expect they will come down heavy.

The other is article 151.c of the sporting code, which says "any fraudulent conduct or any act prejudicial to the interests of any competition, or to the interests of motorsport generally" can be punished.

James Johnson

The Weatherman
151.c is what Mclaren was charged with in 2007 along with the fine for the copying. But for 151.c they got removed from constructors.
I can't express my feelings about this team-order thing in Hockenheim! All this season I wanted to see Massa win again, especially after he had that horrible accident last year! And then it comes and they take it from him! And why? Because Alonso, before the 10th race in a 19 race season is 20 points ahead Massa. That can be 0 in one race, we've seen it on Hungaroring. Seriously this is one of the reasons why I don't like Alonso, he does this every time when his teammate is ahead, did this with Fisichella, Hamilton (didn't work), only didn't do this to Piquet, because Briatore then automatically game him the improvements first, Piquet always used an older car! And the worst thing that Alonso is able to lie ahead millions that he didn't know anything about it!!! Didn't he call it "ridiculous" that Massa didn't let him pass? Seriously!

And Ferrari has a wrong approach on this. Surely this is a team sport, that's why there is the constuctors championship!! Ferrari can only win that, the drivers championship isn't won by Ferrari, it's won by Alonso or Massa! That's my opinion!
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