Data migration procedure to the new system.

So, the remaining parts for my new console killer should arrive tomorrow; I hope all the parts I have accumulated and unopened since January are not DOA.

Here are all the links to the parts:



Blu-Ray Drive (bare):



Windows 7 OEM (I got it before MS discontinued it :D; **** Windows 8!):

Power supply:


Hard disk 1:

Hard disk 2:

External hard disk (needed for backup process):

So, I will need to make sure I don't royally **** up the data migration process.

My outgoing system uses Windows 7 Professional and I want to back up pretty much everything on both hard drives except Office 2013.

I want to make sure I can use all my data when I install Windows 7 Pro on the new system.

I know I will have to make a new account for sure, but, as I said, I want to bring the software of the old system to the new system, but, I hope I back it up in such a way that anything like software licenses and other forms of applications with DRM will be accepted by my system.

The last of my parts are arriving on Wednesday; on that day or the day after, I am gonna backup all the data on the outgoing system. Then, on Thursday, or Friday, I will start building the new PC - as always, I will approach this with great care and try to work without an anti-static mat.

Other than knowing if all the parts are in working condition, the only real concern I have is me going wrong with backing up everything.

I hope I get it right! *crosses fingers*

One more detail, the outgoing system will be formatted.