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PC2 Data Logging / Analysis -- sharing data files

Does anyone here use Data Logging Tools with their sim-racing to do offline analysis? I've used one for Project CARS 2 and the visual representation of my driving has led to some interesting discoveries and clear points for improvement -- I have a lot to improve as it is, but the analysis tools highlight it further.

If people are using them and saving their files, I was wondering if anyone would be interesting in sharing their data with the community. I've seen this done commercially in the form of Data Packs, but I thought it would be good opportunity to share with and help other. I know files could be saved with Car and Circuit combos, so other drivers could compare their own styles with someone else's.

Any thoughts on this?
External but PCars2, Raceroom, AC and F1 2017 all have the possibility of transmitting data.

On the PCars2 website, have a look for Apps and you'll see a number of them. https://www.projectcarsgame.com/apps/

There are some for tablets, and iPads, but there are some good ones for Windows. I'm using the profiler for windows and it is working brilliantly.