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I won't answer about the article itself but about what i have seen around


So, apparently, the WC Race Director is right with the terms of :
-"The clumsiness of a human being simply carries over to virtual space too. Also the guy calls himself a president apparently. Yet to see anything to deserve that title"
-"Jehova’s witness commentator Scott Wilde alias Thomas Mundy or whateverthe****hisnameis"
-"it’s simply not a good idea FSR will lose 15 % of its retard infestation"
-"pseudoteams like netrex"
-"Considering how inept (Thomas Mundy) is with racing, he should consider a stand up comedy"

I would have some explanation from Eduard,[ no need PM's explanations... ] because his neutrality is seriously undermined considering his Race Director Role.
If you are ok considering a over 10 years FSR team is now a pseudo-team, you cannot stay in this role. no offense of course from my side.

I say to all of you, Why considering That LEAGUE as a battlefield. WE are competitors, young men in high school to father. How the hell some people still devaluate our "sport" and spirit.
Life isn't perfect, Decisions aren't perfect but come on. ACT LIKE ADULT. What image do we give to people who want to start in high level simracing ?? THIS ?
Or if the main intention of this article is "divide and rule" or even fall down the league, what will happen about our community ? How much time i will read "no it's you" "no you're wrong" "no you're fruitcake"

Not open for further replies.