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dashmeterpro dirt rally help plz

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by iBracing, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. iBracing


    hi all i just installed dashmeter pro RBR version for dirt rally as they say its compatible..the problem i have is the app is not working at all..when firing up the app it says communication ok like all my other apps do but it seems it not picking up the game what else can i do?
  2. Nino Scholz

    Nino Scholz

    I had this problem too. When editing the config file, it can exist in BOTH places...my games and steam folder. In my case i was editing the steam file but it was looking at "my games" folder copy of the config file. So once i updated the "my games" config file as well, it worked.

    Also, in the same config file one line (the second one) they said to change did not exist in my config file...i just added the updated line to my config file as a new line.

    Its funny, on this same forum i had the exact same post all typed up and ready to hit submit...."help!!"....then i figured it out. For a minute there i thought i accidentally hit "submit" when i saw your post...good luck!
  3. Ian Cameron

    Ian Cameron

    I have my DashMeterOutgage folder in Downloads (Don't think it matters where you place that) and make sure your DashMeterPluginRBR folder is in My documents/ My Games/ Dirt Rally folder, that's where I went wrong had no probs with communication but not picking up the game untill I placed it as above also make sure your IP addresses match in preferences.ini with your devices IP. hope this helps
  4. Edward Gonzales

    Edward Gonzales

    iBracing seems to have the best k.i.s.s.solution, but I didn't have to move the PluginRBR folder. Just a tip people make sure everything is up to date..the DMPro app and Sensadigits software. Dirt Rally updated and so did the .xml to udp enabled=true. The old one was like "enable motion=true" or whatever. Set your IP, things might not work right off so don't panic just try restarting your android or turn off/on your phone/tablet wifi. Start the app then the software (connection ok) then Dirt Rally, maybe even start from scratch and reboot your PC. Happy Holidays!
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