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Dakota Speedway & Road Course AMS

Tracks Dakota Speedway & Road Course AMS v1.2

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ClimaxF1 submitted a new resource:

Dakota Speedway & Road Course AMS - 3 layouts | Road Course | Short Course | Oval

Hi Guys

Here we have another track converted by myself, many of you will probably remember this track and hopefully you can enjoy this track again in AMS.

Hopefully you guys will enjoy this one.

Update details:

- AMS random clouds and atmosphere added
- New rgb/lighting & fog settings
- New tarmac surface
- Reworked all track decals and markings
- New white, the rest have being reworked
- Added yellow line to the pitlane
- New grass textures
- All rumble strips and track...

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ClimaxF1 updated Dakota Speedway & Road Course AMS with a new update entry:

New background scenery and fog settings adjustment

Hi guys

So I found a decent video of the original track on YouTube and noticed that there are mountains in the background.

I've still left the buildings between the track and scenery out because they look out of place.

The result looks really good, adds a bit more immersion to the track which you can never have too little of.

Made some adjustments to the fog settings because of the new scenery.

View attachment 306098 View attachment 306099 View attachment 306100

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