DAKAR 18 Drivers and Vehicles List Revealed...

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More news from the upcoming DAKAR 18 videogame, this time the announcement of the drivers and machines set to be included in the new title..

DAKAR 18 caused quite a stir when it first announced back in January, and with a release date set for the impressively non-committal "summer 2018", fans have been keen to get more information on this ambitious new racing game. Well after a little break in communication it looks like developers Big Moon Studios have been listening to their followers, confirming that the upcoming new title is set to contain 43 of the best bikes, cars, trucks and quads of the 2018 DAKAR rally....

Featuring five classes of vehicle from the nimble two wheel offroad bikes all the way through to the ridiculous tonnage of racing trucks, DAKAR 18 will be the official game of the legendary DAKAR Rally 2018, and as such Big Moon have been keen to capture many of the riders and drivers of the official series in the new title, giving us plenty of official content to enjoy when the game comes out later this year.

So who exactly is going to be featured in the initial release? Well according to Big Moon we are set to have 13 bikes from four manufacturers, 14 cars across five brands, eight trucks representing four marques, four single brand quads and four SXS machines.

With former WRC champions the likes of Carlos Sainz (senior, not the Renault F1 driver) and Sebastien Loeb, plus big names Mikko Hirvonen and Stephane Peterhansel to name but a few, DAKAR 18 will have plenty of the stars and machines when it finally releases on PC and console later this year...

DAKAR 18 Game Drivers and Riders.jpg

DAKAR 18 is scheduled to release 2018 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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Excited for DAKAR 18? Which class of vehicle will you try first? Let us know in the comments section below!
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Aug 10, 2007
If you're racing against only 13 AI bikes or cars, then it's not good. It's like rally games with 16 cars.
Hopefully while racing it'll be filled with AI vehicles, even with fake names.
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Oct 28, 2015
Will be interesting to see if the graphics prove to be anywhere close to the marketing materials.
Feb 26, 2013
I wonder if Tom Coronel's WTCR involvement precludes his image being in this game. Raceroom may have dibs.
Licensing agreements like this are cancer.

Back when EA had the NASCAR license, there were seasons where race-winning drivers were completely left out for this reason.


Nov 22, 2017
I wonder if Tom Coronel's WTCR involvement precludes his image being in this game. Raceroom may have dibs.
Could be or not.
According to the devs this is the inicial platform for the series... their idea is to add more vehiches, bikes and drivers to Dakar 19, Dakar 20 and so on... As an example they didnt had the papers from Iveco in time, so no Iveco in Dakar 18. For me its a good starting point in terms of the competitors list, Of the more popular misses Prokop, the Iveco trucks, Al Qassimi, Fuchs, the Coronel brothers, Alvarez and Przygonski . For me it would already be pretty good with the factory teams + the top 20. But let them first focus on the physics because that is the most important part
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Mar 22, 2017
Tinkering with a model several times doesn't make several vehicles imo, just like TT.
13 bikes? Why not say 4 + skins.
TT got me that way and I wasn't too impressed.
I drive a different car in the summer because I change the tyre pressures and have sunglasses on the dash?
Anyway, can't wait to see which paint is fastest...upgrade heaven!

It's early, forgive me :coffee:


Jan 28, 2014
Not so much.
I was excited. Somewhat anyway. Until the videos came out. At that time it was clear it was gonna be more at the arcade side. Unless of course it will change. The steering wheel not moving in that harsh terrain looks weird. The physics from the bumpy ground also look too simple.

Not sure how arcade handling with realistic map reading will go down for the gamers. The big market casuals will like the arcade part but will they like reading maps in a realistic way? I think this game would really be something amazing if it had great physics and FFB plus the map reading. Could been exciting as hell. Maybe even getting punctures from banging too hard into rocks and having to go out and change a tire. But for me it has to have close to real physics or it will get boring too fast. Only real physics driving such long stages would make it fun where you have to avoid certain things and pushing over jumps that you are confident you can take without breaking stuff or falling over etc. Going down sandy hills slowly with the foot on the brakes etc would been amazing with proper physics.

Oh well. I have a feeling its not going to be like that.


Oct 29, 2015
I wonder if Tom Coronel's WTCR involvement precludes his image being in this game. Raceroom may have dibs.
Actually the Coronel buggy was part of the Dakar mobile game that came out during the rally. I could imagine that the devs of this game wanted to get the biggest driver grid with a low amount of work. So they did vehicles that were driven by a lot of crews (like the Peugeot and the Mini) but not such vehicles that were driven by only one team such as the Coronel's buggy.


Nov 13, 2017
If you're racing against only 13 IA bikes or cars, then it's not good. It's like rally games with 16 cars.
Hopefully while racing it'll be filled with IA vehicles, even with fake names.
You mean AI?