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okay!!! so I've downloaded my skins from there fully ensconced in the C:\Documents and Settings\Jim\My Documents\iRacing\paint\cars\fr500s\ Folder now what? I've logged in, gone to paint vehicle. Surprise, surprise no skins what am I doing wrong can any one help me?:mad:

Marc Good

The skins on your local drive won't show up in the 'paint vehicle' menu.

If you have installed any skins they will only show up in the sim itself when you're on the track already. And they're only to visible to people that have installed the skins as well.

Sooo.. the way you paint your car on the iRacing webpage is what the people will see that have not installed your add on skin.

To change the skins you have to edit (in Photoshop,...) the templates as provided by iRacing and name it according to your member id to show up on your car.

Hope this helps somewhat.

Full instructions are available in the iRacing forums:

Mark A Warmington

Yep - if you want to check out how it looks, run some laps and watch the replay. Also - download the TradingPaints installer - it makes updating skins so much easier.


Trading paints is a bit of a faff, but it circumvents rather nicely any copyright laws that may be in breech by custom designs. It's also a great portal for budding designers and painters to showcase their work. It's a shame other titles don't allow a similar system for car painting. The only other I can think of is. . Forza Motorsport strangely.
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